Dr. Vernon Englund

Vernon Englund graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1969. He practiced in Livermore, CA for 6 1/2 years before returning to his alma mater to teach for 2 years. He was in charge of the clinic, where over 300 new student doctors gained experience before graduation. In 1978, Dr. Englund came to live in Oroville while he had his off in Chico. In 1980 he established and opened Englund Chiropractic Office in its current location.

Since 1983, after selling his office in Chico, Dr. Englund has practiced exclusively in this office, offering quality chiropractic care to this community. In the thirty plus years of serving Oroville, Dr. Englund has committed time each year, to serve in other parts of the world with building projects, disaster relief and/or mission work. While on these trips, he sets up a portable table and offers chiropractic services to the local people. He is always accompanied by his wife, Gina, and often one or both of his two sons and their families. Service is a key element in the life of Dr. Vernon Englund!

Dr. Amber Englund

Amber Englund completed her undergraduate degree at UC Davis before continuing on to graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 1999. Dr. Amber Englund has been in practice here at Englund Chiropractic since 1999. She has enjoyed working with her uncle, Dr. Vernon Englund, as well as her husband, Dr. Rick Wulbern. When she is not hard at work treating patients, Dr. Amber is known more simply as “mommy” to her three beautiful children or “Coach Amber” to her youth soccer team.

Dr. Richard Wulbern

Rick Wulbern graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 1999. He received his undergraduate degree from UC Davis in 1995. Dr. Wulbern has been in practice with Englund Chiropractic in Oroville since 1999. In between time spent with patients, Dr. Rick can be found with his wife and three beautiful children, coaching youth football or enjoying the great outdoors.

Dr. Andrew Randolph

Andrew Randolph was born, raised and lives with his wife and four daughters in Willows. He completed his undergraduate education at Butte College and Chico State before heading north to Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon where he graduated in 2005. Since moving back to the north state, Dr. Drew splits his professional time between Oroville and his two other offices located in Orland and Willows. His passion for natural health solutions through proper nutrition has made him an excellent addition to office during the past 3 years.

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